The Transfiguration

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Waves of the Day #343

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The video is rather loud, so be warned. Don’t mute, though – the sound is important.

We went and watched the waves, and felt the cool wind brush our skin until it felt almost electric, and when we had seen enough we continued on to the caves, where the rushing water sang through the rocky tunnels. A mysterious band of folk had just collected at the mouth of the cave, and while we listened to the water they began to listen to a strange brand of gasoline-powered music. I think their intention may have been for their music to blend with the waves, but it felt more as if their artificial sounds were just piercing holes in the ocean’s voice.

Seeing the people stand around their speakers, heads down, hands in their pockets save for the occasional drink, I wondered what was going through their minds – where they came from, what they thought was beautiful, whether they were happy to be there.

The sounds were strange, but I was certainly glad I saw and heard them.

waves and electricity

Written by Umbrella Man

August 31, 2009 at 12:45 am

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