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Dedede of the Day #661

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I found a penguin king in a cardboard box outside my door this afternoon. His name is Dedede, and he’s come a long way to get that Kirby. Our jolly pink protagonist always finds a way to thwart his devious plans, though, so you can rest assured that your dreams and your snacks are safe.

I was surprised to find, on the side of the box, a little picture of Pikachu, doodled there by the person who sent Dedede on his journey. I believe it was Matthew of Brawl in the Family, a sweet sort of Nintendo-themed webcomic I’ve grown rather fond of. It has a very mellow and humble sort of personality it it, and is funny in cute and unusual ways. I called upon Dedede not just because I like the emperor penguin, but because I like the people who make this comic, and I wanted to support them. I like the little Pikachu doodle almost as much as the penguin contained within – it’s tangible evidence of Matthew’s existence, proof that we live on the same world at the same time, and it’s cute, both as a gesture and as a drawing.

Dedede will be welcome to brawl in our family, I’m sure.

he speaks with perfect diction as he orders my eviction

Written by Umbrella Man

July 15, 2010 at 12:40 am

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