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Charge of the Day #1104

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This is one of the few dozen lizards I learned to feed today. Each is registered with a serial number and toe-tag, and lives in its own little vivarium. Some graduate students at UCSC are running (rather gentle) experiments to see what their heat preferences are – it’s a way to study the effects of climate change. Every lizard needs to be fed every day, so I’ve been enlisted as one of several undergraduate lizard-feeders. I’ll try to carry out my task with pride.

This one has a bit of blue, as you can see, and the closer mating season gets the further the blueness spreads. I wonder if I’ll get to see them in full bloom.

When we were showed around the greenhouse, our graduate student guide discovered that one of the lizards had given birth. He had caught her only very recently, and no one had realized she was pregnant. The babies were tiny things, with arms so thin they seemed almost invisible, and for a moment I thought there were just a few snakes wriggling around with a rather large mother lizard.

Monday is pretty likely to become Lizard Day. I’m excited.

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Written by Umbrella Man

October 1, 2011 at 1:32 am

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