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Portrait of the Day #1121

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Mondays are lean days in the lizard greenhouse, since cricket shipments don’t come in until Tuesday. I arrived this morning to find there was no food for the little scaly folk, so after watering them I took some time to take a few photos. This is one of the hatchlings, only a few weeks old – they couldn’t have been more than two days hatched when I first met them. The adults didn’t much like my camera’s presence, but the young ones were just quiet and curious, staring straight into the lens and crawling too close for me to snap a photo.

I did manage to get this shot, though, and I think he looks rather noble on his little scrap of redwood. I love how pronounced his little elbows are, poking out to either side with the tiny hands pointed inwards. Those legs are just barely wider than their eyeballs, it seems, and they blend in so well that even now it can be hard not to mistake them for snakes.

Thank goodness they have slow reptile metabolisms, because I don’t think they’d be happy cricketless if they had to burn energy on endothermy. No worries – they should be fed properly tomorrow.

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Written by Umbrella Man

October 17, 2011 at 11:47 pm

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