The Transfiguration

everything is sacred

Teeth of the Day #1403

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The sun was wrapped in a thin tuft of cloud today, leaving the world dim and desaturated; as I walked through the park, it was hard not to think that I was standing in a photo. This old gear, lovingly rusted, its paint immaculately peeled by wind and rain and hundreds of hands, seemed ageless and immortal in that light.

It’s so important that I step into the sun a little each day. I admired the light, felt the ghostly breath of trains passing underground, and made conversation with a five-year-old as we climbed the Molecule together. His favorite superhero is Batman, and he was very impressed when I leaped from the play structure to Earth.

He was so polite as he left, too – much more than I knew to be at that age.

that hard candy sensation

Written by Umbrella Man

July 26, 2012 at 1:00 am

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