The Transfiguration

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Wizard of the Day #1454

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At the Smokehouse, among the small crowd waiting for their midnight meals, we found this stranger and his squirrel companion seated quietly by the window. His top hat was full of flowers, his mustache was long and lively and his tie-dye pants defied the blackness of his jacket; alone he would still have been an usual site, but his little friend pushed him into the realm of wizardry. The squirrel’s movements had none of the frenetic energy usually seen in its ilk; it crawled easily long the stranger’s legs and into his coat, and seemed very much at ease even when I came forward to take this photo.

I didn’t get his name or the name of his companion, though I wanted to ask how they had met. When their order of fries was ready they departed, and soon afterwards we did as well.

There’s a story here, and meaning in their connection! It’s something I’ll likely never know.

it’s the best day ever again

Written by Umbrella Man

September 15, 2012 at 4:02 am

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