The Transfiguration

everything is sacred

Spirit of the Day #1467

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Everyone took turns carving out shapes with ribbons of light, learning to write backwards and to hold every motion in their heads until the image was done. Leyla brought forth the form of a cat, and Hannah created a diving fish, and attempts were made to turn Anton into Iron Man and Mitch into a gorilla. It’s a really difficult medium to work in, especially with my camera’s 15-second limit, and to make a living image exactly as one imagines it would take many hours of practice, I think.

But Mitch’s last doodle, perhaps summoning the spirit of an old friend, does have a bit o life in it. I rather like the curve of the ear and the glowing nose, and the raised tail may have a sense of mischief.

I’d like to do this more. There will be many more nights…

tahquamenon falls

Written by Umbrella Man

September 28, 2012 at 1:26 am

Posted in friends, light, painting, people

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