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Inevitability of the Day #1644

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Inevitability of the Day #1644

Something about airport architecture always puts me in an alien state of mind. As if in preparation for the flight, where cities will be reduced to ant-trails or bacterial colonies, I start to see people as distant and small and part of an unimaginably massive universe. I marvel, a little, at the fact that the environment I’m moving through is composed of minerals dredged up from the Earth’s crust and reshaped into forms we find appealing. There’s an odd sort of pride there – a “look what we made!” feeling in the ribbons of highway overpasses and the pillars holding up these fantastical ceilings.

A brain is something that, when placed into a universe, will start to poke and prod at everything until it accidentally starts to glean the rules of the game; then, learning to exploit those rules, will change the universe into what it likes.

All these geometric structures are knit together into a bizarre foreign landscape, built carefully by minds whose knowledge is based on thousands of years of curious poking and prodding.

To put it lightly, being human is pretty neat.

After this somewhat pensive trip, I’ve arrived in Southern California – a distance of some three hundred miles covered in but an hour-long leap. Leo collected me from the airport with good cheer, and this week should be a good one.

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Written by Umbrella Man

March 24, 2013 at 3:56 am

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