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Vicarious Photo of the Day #1647

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Vicarious Photo of the Day #1647

The moon rose with an orange glow this evening, as if heated by embers just beneath the horizon. Andrew’s father called the family out to see the spectacle, and though the moon had already begun to cool, it remained a lovely sight. Before it left the hillside – the branches of those trees must have slowed it, naturally – Andrew prepared his camera to capture the scene. My little Powershot doesn’t have the strength for such photos, so a vicarious shot will have to do today.

The scenery around here is lovely. During the afternoon I stood waist-deep in the pool (cold enough that I had to psych myself into submerging), listening to the surrounding soundscape: restless birdsong from the trees; a distant jackhammer, drumming out a steady rhythm; hollow roars of passing planes; the crystalline plash of the pool’s fountain; the chill wind flickering by my ears, reminding me that Summer is still a ways away.

we couldn’t break from the concrete

Written by Umbrella Man

March 27, 2013 at 1:52 am

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