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Vigor of the Day #1649

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Vigor of the Day #1649

Today was lazy by any measure, but hardly a waste; Leo and I spent much of the day playing video games, continuing the tradition of long hours in electronic worlds. Our current title is Bioshock Infinite, which tells the story of the pseudo-utopia Columbia, a city built in the clouds, founded on zealous patriotism, twisted Christianity and not a small amount of racism. The atmosphere is beautiful, with buildings drifting on hot air balloons in a sea of pastel clouds, and the corrupt culture you’re immersed in as you make your way through the game gives the world such a conflicted feeling.

Video games can get away with sequels more than any other medium. New books and movies sometimes burn away their creative drive by the third iteration, ending up with a story that’s often hollow, false; games focus on the open exploration of a created world, and with each installment the developers learn how to better let you wander and discover.

This is a bottle of Murder of Crows, which lets you create a flock of the corvid creatures from thin air. Using it makes your hands grow feathers and talons, and throughout the game you find new ways to change yourself.

I feel odd writing about games here. Few people who read this are familiar with the game, and I don’t like to exclude everyone else.

We used to talk about one day living in an airship, drifting over the world as we pleased. We knew then that it was just a fanciful notion, but it’s still sad to have abandoned it entirely.

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March 29, 2013 at 2:59 am

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