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Sweep of the Day #1651

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Sweep of the Day #1651

Lauren took some time today to show me her hometown. Her chosen site, Venice Beach, was choked with spring break tourists, so we shifted gears and made for the hills near her home. This is the view from the path Lauren goes running on, and from it you can see several elements of the Los Angeles landscape – the sea, the beautifully geometric city, the patch of wetland below and the hints of desert life that survived the terraforming.

At first Lauren was disappointed by the cloud cover hiding the city, but it burned away in large enough swathes to let us see to the distant mountains. The sea was marbled with reflections of silver cloud and blue sky, and the intermittent shadows cast left a few choice landmarks glowing in the sun.

As we watched the skittering traffic below, new waves of clouds swept in over the wetland, and within moments the view was obscured in a white fog. It was thick enough to feel on our faces – a slight drumming lighter than rain – which made up for the lost visibility.

Walking through the neighborhood, Lauren told me about memories associated with each place, and later on we and Leo met with some of Lauren’s friends. I like these glimpses into other lives – seeing new places is much improved when given meaning from my friends’ experiences.

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March 31, 2013 at 3:12 am

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