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Filter of the Day #1660

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Filter of the Day #1660

While we took the bus to Lee’s today, Mitch set to polishing his fox tooth and I began fiddling with my 3DS. It has an odd shooting mode I’d forgotten about: you shoot blind, seeing nothing but the location of your subject’s face (given by a little smiley), and a random filter is magically applied to the photo. For this shot the 3DS put on a hard-boiled facade; you can feel the grit of the world and the somber narrative hanging in the air.

I make it a rule not to do any post-processing on my photos, but I’ve used odd shots like these several times before. I don’t think I’ve ever explained the distinction:

Postprocessing, for the sake of this project, feels like altering a memory after the fact – changing it to what I wanted it to be, obscuring how the moment really was. It’s a little dishonest, somehow, defining a memory with something I didn’t experience, even if I’m only adjusting contrast and saturation, so I prefer to leave photos as they are – even if they came out a little dull.

With photos like this, though, or any other unusual filter, the shot still feels like a legitimate memory, because in the moment I was using the camera itself as a means of perceiving things. The machine’s eye is my own, lets me attend to different visual aspects of a scene, and that manipulated perspective is tied to the experience.

These rules of mine are a bit silly and I imagine that every one of them will be bent or broken at some point or another. I make a point to not appear in my photos here, but look close and you may sometimes catch me.

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April 9, 2013 at 3:25 am

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