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Clash of the Day #1661

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Clash of the Day #1661

This is the only photo I took today – a quick snapshot from above the handlebars as I raced to Bridges this afternoon. In the moment I was flooded with colors from the scene – garish Construction Orange leering across the pavement at the lively spring green. They made a good pair, somehow, like the unexpected chord you taste when fruits and cheeses mingle.

Social circles at the rock gym are so nebulous, like loosely organized cell clusters, or asteroid fields faintly held together by gravity. Climbers will collaborate on a wall, befriend each other, and eventually wander off in search of new challenges, so no one spends too much time with anyone else in particular. It’s a nice feeling, really, to drift about and see what all your fellow mountaineers are up to. I don’t have any friends there yet, exactly, but there are a number of people I look forward to seeing whenever I go, and an evening on the plastic cliffs with good people always makes me so happy as I’m heading home.

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April 10, 2013 at 2:42 am

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