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Squirrel of the Day #1663

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Squirrel of the Day #1663

The squirrels of UC Berkeley are fearless and curious, but I would like them even if I could only admire them from a distance. This closeup was a bit unexpected; hopefully his little rodent teeth will not diminish your admiration of squirrelkind.

I’ve been a little bit enraptured with animals recently. The love never vanishes, of course, but it grows in waves, as such things do. Seeing these squirrels shuffle through the ivy and leap onto tree branches, or watching tiny birds push themselves through the air with a few deft strokes of their wings, only to land and peck at some infinitesimal food-bit on the ground, makes me momentarily ecstatic. You can see the spark of life there, and connect it with your own, and it just makes the world a lovely place to be in.

One of the squirrels there has a long upper fang, and I’ve recognized him several times before. I wonder how much of the campus he’s seeing. How much territory does an urban squirrel claim?

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Written by Umbrella Man

April 12, 2013 at 2:09 am

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