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Fortress of the Day #1679

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Fortress of the Day #1679

I have the habit of building things while waiting at restaurants – especially at The Diner Formerly Known As Mel’s. Silverware and packets of faux sugar both make perfect building materials; they almost take form without my help. Jacob made a motion to put his soda near the saccharin fort to give a sense of scale, and I caught him mid-expression. Someday I’ll take a more flatting photo and make up for these shots.

I rarely sit down to eat with anyone. I take most of my meals alone, and when I do eat with friends we usually huddle around the TV, so tabletop conversation doesn’t come often. Restaurants often too loud, making the width of the table feel too far to speak across, so I tend to keep quiet when I eat out.

But we sat down to lunch at a good hour today, and there was little noise besides the anachronistic electronic pop music bouncing through the 50’s diner. We talked about games and stories and people we’d known, and I rather enjoyed the whole thing. Perhaps I’m getting a bit better at speaking…?

you are my medicine

Written by Umbrella Man

April 28, 2013 at 2:40 am

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