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Boneyard of the Day #1683

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Boneyard of the Day #1683

In this game our fate lies in the whims of the boneyard. These bones form the rails our trains glide along, and our journey is a long one only if fate decides it should be; those whose journeys never reach their end are weighed down by unrealized potential.

It’s a fairly mindless game, guided by chance, but it serves as a nucleation point for conversation, and once words are rolling the night moves on steadily. After only two rounds we put the game away and settled for unmediated talk – something I’d’ve thought dull when I was little.

But this is good and human and so rich, and I love when I get to be with people like this.

we could learn to laugh again

Written by Umbrella Man

May 2, 2013 at 2:44 am

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