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Flavor of the Day #1689

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Flavor of the Day #1689

Wherever I’m living, at any given phase in my life, there are a few certain routes that I follow, day by day, and the more I do the deeper they’re carved into my experience of that time and place. Four years ago it was the BART ride from Berkeley to Daly City; following that it was the footpaths around UCSC, hills and trees and dirt paths through the woods that lead me to dinner; the next year it was the bus ride up the hill and the short walk down to the beach. Now I have my ten-minute walk to the campus, the forked path to Jacob’s and Mitch & Leyla’s, and the bike ride to Bridges, which starts with streets crowned with these green canopies.

I do take other paths and see other places, but these are the points of focus in my life, and the roads between them seem to form a frame that outlines everything I do. Many of my photos are taken on these routes, and they flavor my experiences almost as much as the places to which I’m traveling.

I’m rather fond of the trees in Berkeley – I haven’t seen many places with roads as vibrant and verdant as this.

’cause she sees her own reflection

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May 8, 2013 at 1:56 am

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