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Beach of the Day #1693

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Beach of the Day #1693

I have a small bottle of Santa Cruz sand sitting by my bedside, resting in a jar with softened candy from two Halloweens ago. I first collected the sand with a faint intention to sort it out by color, grain by grain, and feed it back in the bottle in distinct bands. It would be a study in mindfulness, a meditation on small things, and a small battle waged against the weight of Entropy.

Or you can think of these grains of sand as mineralized pixels capable of being arranged into a practically limitless number of images. Every possible story is shaken up in this bottle – you just need to put it back in order.

Given an infinite length of time, I’d be happy to distribute the sand into those infinite stories, but as life is I can’t dedicate the time necessary for even a layer-cake bottle-beach without neglecting something important.

We only get so much time. There are so many fantastic things we can do with it, and we have to give most of them up; that’s such a hard decision to make.

a flash across the sky

Written by Umbrella Man

May 12, 2013 at 3:34 am

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