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Filling of the Day #1718

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Filling of the Day #1718

Just before nightfall, I stepped out with my camera and that certain restlessness that clings do you after a day indoors. With no destination and no inspiration in mind, I wandered the neighborhood in a small circuit, hoping to find something that might make the day.

As I walked down the street, a homeless man with a white beard smiled and quietly asked for a quarter. My mind fizzled over the notion of finding change and asking him for a photo, and I ended up moving on without either of us getting what we wanted.

In the center of a half-furnished art gallery, a man sat cross-legged on a table, hunched over, talking on the phone. The floor surrounding him was covered with framed black-and-white photos, and I considered tapping on the glass door and gesturing with my camera, asking for permission to photograph him in that state. I kept walking, but continued to think about going back until I reached the end of the block.

On a street cordner, a family had paused to admire their daughter, who had stopped to demonstrate a dance pose she’d learned. From the right angle it would have been a perfectly picturesque moment, but I worried that it would make them uneasy for a stranger to ask to photograph them with their children.

I headed home, disappointed with my photographic endeavors, and on a whim walked to the top floor of the building. The sky had been flat and overcast from my vantage point on the street, but here I could see a sweetened layer of golden light hidden at the horizon. The sun-yolk melted away in the few seconds it took to switch lenses, but left its glow behind – a slice of color I’d sorely needed. That warm light was such a marvel to see, resting under a blanket of grey, and I returned feeling a little better about the walk, and the day in general.

It would be good, though, for me to learn to ask strangers for photos; so many moments are lost when I worry.

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Written by Umbrella Man

June 6, 2013 at 2:11 am

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