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Spots of the Day #1722

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Spots of the Day #1722

My pocket camera is in Tanzania with my sister, so lately I’ve been relying on my SLR. It gives a lovely flavor to light, but I can’t carry it with me as readily, or react to unexpected photo opportunities as quickly. Anticipating some photogenic activities in the evening, I went to climb this afternoon without my camera – almost naked, carrying only my phone if something photo-worthy suddenly appeared.

The night went by uneventfully, though, so all I have to offer tonight is this diffuse light smoothie. I rather like how manual focus lets you melt a scene down, leaving little more than the shadows and colors – perhaps something similar to the vision of ancient primordial eyes. You can see a few speckles, though, that aren’t blurred the same way as everything else. These spots are bits of dust that mar the camera sensor, and they’ll appear to varying degrees in most of my photos for a time. Think of them as freckles or birthmarks, if it helps.

I suppose I ought to keep my camera on hand regardless of the bulk – I never know when I’ll need it.

I can’t give it up

Written by Umbrella Man

June 10, 2013 at 3:11 am

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