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Surprise of the Day #1723

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Surprise of the Day #1723

Taking advantage of our unplanned meeting, Jacob hid bind Mitch and Leyla’s open door when we welcomed Lee in. After the requisite casual greetings, with Lee still standing by the entrance, grins started to grow across our faces, and we vaguely suggested that Lee not turn around. He dithered a bit, wondering whether to follow our instructions or not, and I barely managed to capture the moment when he finally turned and met Jacob’s gremlin smile.

That small moment between moments, when you’re turning to greet an unknown, is so heavy with possibility for something so brief. As your vision pans over you automatically, unconsciously mull over a dozen different potential outcomes – monsters and tricksters, old friends and new loves – and an instant later all those stories collapse and leave you a truth too obvious to have even considered anything else.

Of course it was Jacob. But Lee still jumped a little, and his reaction was worth our impromptu conspiracy.

careful what you’re giving

Written by Umbrella Man

June 11, 2013 at 3:00 am

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