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Beast of the Day #1725

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Beast of the Day #1725

And while our birds today are beautiful and fantastical and often far cleverer than we realize, prehistoric dinosaurs have an entirely different sort of mythic beauty.

When I was little, I wasn’t much impressed by the size of T-Rex – mostly because, thanks to the likes of Godzilla and the Calvinosaurus, I could easily imagine something bigger. If it couldn’t swallow a car in one bite or crush buildings under its toe, why, it couldn’t be all that big after all!

But when I grew up I gained a better appreciation for the scale of things. Though I’m tall enough to see horses eye to eye now, they seem like huge creatures to me – they’re more weighty in my mind, perhaps. And knowing a little more about metabolism, understanding (vaguely) how weight must be distributed in a skeleton and how complex muscle movement needs to be to coordinate a large body, I’m suddenly completely baffled by the size of all these massive creatures who once covered the planet. Standing under the skeleton, scaling the steps around it, giving it skin and muscle and breath in my mind, it seemed too fantastical to believe. A ceratopsian skull at the entrance of the library, heavy and lined with cracks, was just as striking.

I’ve seen dinosaur skeletons (or casts, anyway) several times before, but somehow today it felt almost like learning about them for the first time.

These are incredible creatures, and we walk the same planet they did – and, of course, we have our own ways of being incredible. This is a good world.

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June 13, 2013 at 3:40 am

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