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Creek of the Day #1733

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Creek of the Day #1733

After a few hours of nonfat skim sleep – light and a bit unsatisfying – I groaned out of bed to prepare to face the DMV. The drop-in line ran out the door into the morning sun, a three-hour slog for those who had chosen the spontaneous route; I took my place in the appointment line and still gave a fair slice of time waiting for my turn.

The DMV, perhaps, is one of the few Great Equalizers in our society – an institution to which people from every social stratum must make the occasional pilgrimage.The patchwork of people there would be a fascinating study to anyone willing to sit and wait, but I was tired in body and mind, and had to conserve my wits for the written exam.

Leaving with a new permit, we took a few moments to admire this creek before heading home. In the morning light the bed of the stream glowed in warm colors, and where the current slowed a waterbug skated against the oncoming drift of fallen leaves and dust. It cast no shadow itself, but its feet bent the water’s surface, casting spots of bent light to the bed.

Speaking of bed – I’m going to enjoy it this time, with nothing to stop me but the sun’s breath.

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Written by Umbrella Man

June 21, 2013 at 3:07 am

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