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Interface of the Day #1738

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Interface of the Day #1738

I’ve always loved the interface between air and water, the membrane of silver light that forms when you run your hands between the two fluids. I tried to catch the image of it in my mind when I was younger, trying to save the grooves my fingers carved before they melted away. I have a camera that can really capture it now, and though this is just a snapshot, it’s a little fantastic to be able to photograph it at all.

It rained faintly today, but the air stayed muggy, adamant summer air, and despite the grey sky I went out for a swim. It’s best when it’s a little freezing, when I have to trick myself into submerging, gasping a little and laughing at myself. Standing waist-deep in the pool, I fiddled with the camera a bit, taking this shot along with sixty (rapid-fire) others, and sank to my neck immediately after – as if I’d needed to distract some overly conscious part of myself.

But it’s good to be cold sometimes, and to fight it by embracing the water, diving and swimming. I felt a little ecstatic then, a little more lively, and I would do well to swim as much as I can this summer.

the sparrows to the fountains

Written by Umbrella Man

June 26, 2013 at 2:06 am

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