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Rim of the Day #1740

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Rim of the Day #1740

Though I’ve been to Mitch-Hannah-Kendra-Leyla’s house many times, I’ve never seen the massive homemade half-pipe living in their backyard until today. Warped and softened by rain, battered by fallen plums, paved with splinter-fraught planks and rimmed with rickety pipe and marble(!), it’s a dubious host for any serious skateboarders, but it remains a welcoming space to rest and wait out the heat. We plucked a few of the tougher plums and rolled them across the half-pipe, clear from one rim to the other, but eventually found that the riper fruits were rather tasty, and eating them seemed a better use.

I’ve heard tell of the half-pipe for months, but it’s so much more elaborate than I expected – walking around back to see it fill the yard was a bit like discovering that my friends had been living on top of a secret underground fortress, or hiding an alien spacecraft. If not for the heat we wouldn’t have been pressed to take shelter on it; the summer is treating us well so far.

walls of the deepest blue

Written by Umbrella Man

June 28, 2013 at 2:53 am

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