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Rings of the Day #1744

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Rings of the Day #1744

Work was sparse at the lab for the last few weeks, so I was away for about a week while waiting for new assignments. When I arrived on Friday, I was surprised to see a massive metal sculpture planted unceremoniously on the walkway near the entrance to the building. It had no platform, no plaque; it was just a set of stainless steel rings leaning together on the pavement, as if the links of a giant’s necklace had broken off, fallen to the ground, and frozen in time at the moment of impact.

Such sculptures are appealing to the eye but photograph poorly as a whole, and on my walk to lab I imagined this shot in my head – just a close look at the overlapping rings, their brushed texture and the reflected light.

I like that this was placed with no explanation, simply resting on paved stones already cracked by the years. These are shapes for the sake of shapes, a reminder that life has geometry, placed unabashedly along the path pedestrians walk every day. I’ll be glad to see it each morning – especially when the rain returns.

in the night forlorn

Written by Umbrella Man

July 2, 2013 at 1:30 am

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