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Nothing of the Day #1753

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Nothing of the Day #1753

My dad asked me today if I thought sleep was necessary for the mind, or just the body. It’s both, certainly, but he wasn’t so sure; our minds carry on so actively in sleep, meticulously building dreams that are often overwhelming. But there’s emptiness between the dreams, too, and we need that. Occasional nothingness is vital to keep us sound and stable.

I decided several years ago that living forever – in this life or another – would be okay, so long as I could still sleep.

I spend so many nights consuming media of some sort – books, games, TV, the sprawling chaotic collage of humanity that is the Internet – and sometimes it’s too much. So tonight I pushed away the laptop, turned out the lights and let my eyes grow owlier, listening to ambient sounds.

Footsteps squeaking behind the bedroom wall.
Dad’s electronic creek, ever-flowing.
Muffled voices with that upward-curving timbre that tells you a stranger is smiling as he speaks.
Tires bumping in the street.
An electric guitar warbling in the distance.
Somber train whistles, audible from anywhere in Berkeley.
The clatter of a bathrub spout: a late-night shower’s final note.

In waking life there’s no such thing as silence, but redicing it to just this quiet cacophony is an ease on the mind. I love my dreams and I love the endless span of creativity and knowledge open to me, but it’s important to delve into a little Nothing now and then.

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Written by Umbrella Man

July 11, 2013 at 1:01 am

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