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Window of the Day #1757

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Window of the Day #1757

In a sort of exchange for Cordelia’s tour of San Francisco, I showed her around the Bulb today. Time was short, so we kept a brisk pace between landmarks; many marvels went unseen, but the place was beautiful, as always.

Whenever I visit the Bulb I feel the need to play the role of curator or historian, photographing new art before it’s destroyed by the elements or new layers of graffiti. Every time I see the castle it wears a new skin (and its structure is a little more compromised), so it feels important to catalogue the change.

Cordelia has an eye for the incidental elements of the Bulb, though – discarded paint cans and litter, concrete shards full of fossilized tapioca pearls, textures and shapes left over from the Landfillian days. I’m so distracted by the paintings that I miss the beauty in the canvas itself, so I was glad to have new eyes with me today. This is the great thing about sharing places important to you – not only do you get to rediscover it vicariously, but you often learn to appreciate new things about it altogether.

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July 15, 2013 at 2:20 am

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