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Sun of the Day #1760

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Sun of the Day #1760

There’s a constellation of sunflowers on the way home from the lab, swaying on stalks long enough to reach deep space, and I had to stop and orbit them for a few moments before continuing on. Various suns hung there in every stage of life: tightly-bound orange buds wrapped in green sepals, full blossoms crowned with their summer-filled petals, clusters of tiny flowers blooming in their compound cradle – and this here, an array of brittle spires like the last flares of a dying sun.

Depending on the species, sunflowers will take on one of several forms at their life’s end; the red supergiantflower, the white dwarflower and the pulsarflower are the most common. Beware of novaflowers – their burst scatters seeds hundreds of lightyears away, producing new suns to foster new life, but the spectacle can be fatal to close observers.


Written by Umbrella Man

July 18, 2013 at 1:41 am

Posted in plants, small things

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