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Fire of the Day #1763

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Fire of the Day #1763

Kate held a little potluck and bonfire with friends tonight. Though only Aaron, Laura and I could come, it was a lovely evening. Kate made, from scratch, a marvelous pizza featuring zucchini and tomato grown in her own garden, and the fire was built from wood scraps provided by a friend’s woodworking parents. At the edge of the starry fire pit is the night’s survivor, a fortunate piece of wood spared for its resemblance to a stargazing penguin. Several other planks and bits of kindling were reduced to smoke, including an ancient piece of broken fence that still contained tree sap. As the flames crept along its length, the sap melted, dripped, frothed and boiled – a curious and slightly gruesome remnant of life I’d never seen before in firewood.

Laura seems to lose her voice once a year, and so came to us tonight nearly silent. She couldn’t resist sharing her experiences teaching kids, and whispered stories of insight and drama over the fire.

Though we missed our other friends, the night went rather well; perhaps more can come along next time.

the embers smoke on the ground

Written by Umbrella Man

July 21, 2013 at 3:10 am

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