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Campanile of the Day #1765

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Campanile of the Day #1765

Today threatened to be fiercely uneventful, so I went walking again to make the afternoon worthwhile. I wandered through the UC campus, stopped to watch people go about their day, and read a chapter under redwoods bearing nests of yarn. Heading toward the center of the campus, I found a terribly curious tree, and spend ten or fifteen minutes trying to photograph it. The tree looked, on the whole, like a failed attempt to alloy several trees of different species. The base was molten slag, broad and shapeless, a sagging facade hiding a hollow space dripping with sap. Its living trunks and branches didn’t match at all; one sturdy trunk stretched from the base as if attempting to escape the mess, and slender, smooth branches curled around it from a different direction, grasping without touching like brittle fingers or spider legs. There was no way to capture the thing in one shot; the best I could do would be to present several images with details of the thing, like the seven blind mice who explored an elephant and each thought it was something different.

I continued on to Sather Tower as its bells sang the six o’clock medley. A nearby magnolia tree called me to climb its branches, and so here is the view of the Campanile from within. Even from the top I couldn’t see the bells; I’d have liked a transplanted Tree 9 to give me a richer view. Every sort of tree is a different experience to climb, though, and I loved clambering up the curving branches, stepping carefully on knots, finding the broad flowers and their fuzzy fruit waiting at the top.

From my view in the magnolia tree I saw several people passing by below, but none of them saw me. Very few people ever think to look up, it seems.

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July 23, 2013 at 3:02 am

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