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Photo of the Day #1768

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Photo of the Day #1768

When I step back to take these shots, sometimes lose track of the conversation a little. Looking back over photos afterwards, I find myself unable to describe what was actually happening in the moment, which seems a bit counterproductive.

Here, though, we were talking about how stories have a certain feel to them when they’ve been adapted from one medium to another, like they’ve been reshaped into a frame they don’t comfortably fit. In this moment, I believe, Jacob was describing Dragon Ball Z’s adaptation from manga: five minutes in the story, in which the planet Kamek was about to explode, were stretched into seven episodes – an agonizing pace compared to the two chapters in comic form.

This was just after seeing Pacific Rim, which was fun and a little goofy and incredibly cliché. Every character in it was little more than an archetype; their first minutes of screen time tell you what to expect from them, and they never make an attempt to surprise or deviate from the norm. They’re still entertaining, perhaps even likable, but decidedly shallow. The story is the same way: mankind is threatened, heroes stand up, the Earth is saved, all told in an exciting but straightforward two hours. This seems to be a strategy most big films take now – an evolution of previous stories, careful refinement of how visuals and presentation, but without really telling anything new. Maybe that’s how it’s always been; maybe I’m just seeing it more now because I’m getting older, and I have so many stories to compare each new one to.

But, to be honest, I can never really complain about giant robot battles. Sometimes you just need to smash up monsters and save the world, and that’s okay.

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Written by Umbrella Man

July 26, 2013 at 3:15 am

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