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Hop of the Day #1772

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Hop of the Day #1772

Kendra turned twenty-one today, and in age-old tradition everyone took her out bar-hopping. I often hear of people going a little too far with these ventures, ending up sick or dizzy or slightly amnesiac, but my friends made it a mellow evening – just this bar and one hop further, testing artisan drinks and feasting on bottomless popcorn.

The bartender here was an amicable sort, making friends easily with everyone who took a seat. When I declined a drink he offered me some tea from his own private supply – my choice of oolong or his “hippie tea”, a medley of herbs with a bit of mint. I went with the latter, and he poured a glass for himself and one for me. Our party also collaborated on a little jam comic over the evening, which the bartender happily accepted in lieu of a tip.

I don’t drink, which sometimes puts a distance between me and other people, but I had a lovely evening tonight – and, more importantly, it seems that Kendra did as well.

our cups to the stars

Written by Umbrella Man

July 30, 2013 at 2:28 am

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