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Warfront of the Day #1773

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Warfront of the Day #1773

When I’m eating alone it can feel a bit like a chore – three times a day, every day, just to keep my engine running – so I prefer to go with quick and simple meals when I can, even if it’s repetitive. Often I just go with toasted fruit & nut bread bars, each slice painted with peanut butter or jam, and eat them by the window while my brain chews on a book. The food is such a minor part of the experience that it doesn’t become monotonous – it’s just a backdrop to what I’m reading, and the less involved I have to be with it, the better.

I keep the toppings on separate slices, again in the interest of simplicity, but the happened to meet today. In that tiny morsel I was reminded of the culinary chord played when peanut butter and jam meet, and my attention gladly returned to the food for a moment.

With friends I’ll happily cook and savor the masterpieces produced; it’s only on my own that food becomes mechanical. Given the option, I’d just drink sunlight. Sea slugs and salamanders have it down – maybe I’ll learn in a few years.

those were the days of Elaine

Written by Umbrella Man

July 31, 2013 at 2:14 am

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