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Murmur of the Day #1776

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Murmur of the Day #1776

There was a metalworking art studio near our house in Santa Cruz, and like many other galleries they had an open house on the first Friday of each month. For two years we meant to go see the works they had on display, but never went; we were always too busy, or too tired, or just forgot outright. I may never know know what they created there.

First Fridays in Oakland are a bit different. It’s evolved into a full-fledged festival known as Art Murmur, and at the beginning of each month a length of Telegraph Avenue is closed down for an art festival. The street floods with visitors come to listen to music and watch dances, to peruse booths selling handmade clothes and wallets and jewelry, to eat from any of the dozens of food stands and trucks, or to listen to the proclamations of politically-minded criers.

I’ve never been before, but Jacob and Kendra are both familiar with the festival. The Murmurs have apparently become more tame over the months; some time ago the crowds were given full reign to drink as they pleased, which made it a lively event but also lead to some violence between fairgoers. Police watch the festival carefully now, and amplified sound is banned after 8:45 – just when Friday Night is really beginning to wake up.

So what I saw tonight was just a shadow of the real festival, but Oakland is always full of colorful characters; Even so restrained there was plenty to see tonight, and I’m reminded of what an interesting place our neighboring city is. The murmurs may made, but I’ll be sure to visit the streets there again.

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August 3, 2013 at 1:40 am

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