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Arcade of the Day #1777

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Arcade of the Day #1777

A friend of Mitch and Leyla’s has transformed the entry hall of his home into a personal arcade – nine brilliant machines filling the room with their flickering cathode-ray pixels, plus one Space Invaders table sitting in the kitchen. He hosted a little party tonight, welcoming visitors to play the arcade without the need for arcade tokens, and we were glad to take him up on his offer. Leyla is shooting down a stubborn helicopter with the power of Aerosmith, and Mitch, game-faced, is engrossed in crossover battles between Marvel and Capcom universes. Jacob and I ran through the old Simpsons game, and with the help of Jacob, Mitch and 43 continues I made it to the climactic ending of Metal Slug 3, which was always so desperately out of reach when I needed to insert new tokens every two minutes.

A good night of games! Time to sleep off the pixel haze.

you were my reason

Written by Umbrella Man

August 4, 2013 at 3:06 am

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