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Hollow of the Day #1778

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Hollow of the Day #1778

I had a very long dream this morning. It was the sort of dream so immersive that, when you wake, it takes a moment to remember what your life is really like. Within a minute or so after waking, though, it had evaporated, and any last hints of what I dreamed are so thoroughly dissolved into the rest of the day that I can’t describe them with any confidence.

After climbing, I stopped in the park with my bike, nibbled on a chocolate bar and listened to Andrew Bird’s Weather Systems on the grass, nearly napping. I never quite fell asleep, but my thoughts simmered in the sun and sank in the music and, at the album’s end, I had no memory of where my mind had gone in the last half hour. I felt like it had wandered far, crept between branches and gotten tangled in the brush, but the whole journey was gone – nothing left but a fizzled-out hollow.

I cling to memories so adamantly, but forgetting is such an experience in itself.

oh, me que me oh-oh-oh

Written by Umbrella Man

August 5, 2013 at 1:38 am

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