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Ghoul of the Day #1788

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Ghoul of the Day #1788

I’m continually impressed by the multitude of forms sunflowers take as they grow and bloom and die. They hardly seem like the same plant, taking on these vastly different personalities at each stage, like a person who has grown up in a loving family, lived through war and adventure, proud of her wit, and ultimately been struck by some devastating experience that left her hollow and cold. In this late phase of the sunflower’s life, its petals and seeds long since withered away, it stares at the street with an empty gaze, an undead blossom on the lurch. With its greenery gone, the flower has forgotten the taste of the sun; were it less brittle, it might reach out and feed on other flowers or the blood of passerby, hoping to regain that lost sense of life.

That seems such a gloomy outlook for the fate of all sunflowers. Keep in mind, then, that when these ghouls do crumble away, their matter will be reclaimed and rebuilt into new life. There is, perhaps, no such thing as a true ending.

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Written by Umbrella Man

August 15, 2013 at 2:40 am

Posted in flowers, plants

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