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Lunch of the Day #1794

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Lunch of the Day #1794

Michelle sent me an email last week asking to meet for lunch. It’s been around five years since I’d last seen her, and we’d barely talked in the interim, so the sudden contact was very much unexpected, but I was happy to meet her again and see how we’d changed in that time.

I’d forgotten how animated Michelle was in her speech, shifting a look of shock to laughter to suspicion to expressions we don’t have words for in just a few moments. It’s charming in a way that’s distinctly and uniquely Michelle, and it was a lot of fun talking with her today.

And, as always, the conversation never flowed the way I’d imagined it would. I thought we would have some reflective conversation about where life had lead us for the last five years, what we wanted to do next, why we lost contact the way we did. Instead, for the most part, we just talked like friends meeting for a routine meal. Over the table she showed me a photo of her cat (who is actually the neighbor’s cat, but sleeps with her – it’s a complex relationship), and we talked at length about animals and academia and the Berkeley Repertory Theater. It felt a little like we’d never drifted apart at all.

I’m finding that it feels like that just about every time I meet with old friends, which is really comforting. There’s no need to fear everyone fading away.

Michelle lent me a lovely and well-worn book, and returning it safely is of course a sacred duty: I will see her again.

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August 21, 2013 at 2:12 am

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