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Playground of the Day #1803

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Playground of the Day #1803

Hidden under the BART tracks is a group of dedicated players who meet weekly to battle in Four Square, a game that most people haven’t played since fifth grade. Nearby we saw a crew of skaters testing their mettle under the sodium lights, and a third group loitered not far from there. The parking lot seems to have become a makeshift playground, which is slightly magical to come across at night.

Four Square is a light-footed and quick-flowing game, with players going out and cycling in to take turns several times per minute. There’s no end to it – we played for about two hours tonight, and a few remaining players continued on after we left. The goal of the game is the survive long enough to occupy square A, and then you are the King, or the Emperor, or the Dictator or whatever title you might prefer. Standing in that square gives you sway over the rules of the game, and so there is a constant struggle for power – which never lasts long. Successes are fleeting and failures are ephemeral, so the game is made of these bite-size servings of pride and defeat.

I hear that some nights feature crowds of twenty or more people; I wonder how intense those games get.

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Written by Umbrella Man

August 30, 2013 at 3:00 am

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