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Distraction of the Day #1807

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Distraction of the Day #1807

Conversation paused for a moment when a hummingbird hovered over the garden, drawing attention with its flickering wings in that ephemeral-fairy fashion that only hummingbirds can pull off. I couldn’t see it from my seat, or otherwise I was distracted by my camera, so I missed the spectacle in that moment, but my friends’ shared glance made up for the lost sight. Some time later the hummingbird appeared again, perfectly static, as if pinned to that precise coordinate in the air, then zipped away, and that time I was lucky enough to see it.

I really liked the light today – small scattered clouds that softened the light enough to give everyone a faint glow. At sunset the clouds heated like coals, and over the course of a few minutes burned from pink to a dull grey.

The company, of course, was lovely as always.

stan is not what he seems

Written by Umbrella Man

September 3, 2013 at 1:06 am

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