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Name of the Day #1815

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Name of the Day #1815

Every now and then, a person will come up with some small arrangement of words that go brilliantly together. Too short for a story or even a poem, these witty or harmonic or peculiar phrases might be left without a place in the world if not for the peculiar niche found in band names, tumblr URLs, song titles and – like here – climbing wall routes. New routes go up every week, bringing with them fifteen or so new names, and I’m always terribly curious about where the inspiration for these titles came from. A few others I’ve seen:

-Jupiter’s the place for me I don’t ever wanna leave
-Raisin Brandt
-Various Artists
-Brandt Muffin
-Otter Pop
-Pho disclosure
-Mango Mansion
-Open Pho Bidneth
-Surfing on Jupiter
-Work like a horse, drink like a fish
-Pant a Loon
-Liquid Dreams
-Curse these Metal Hands
-Roast Beef Nightmares
-“But I’m your papy”
-Going Back to Candyland
-Scientific Wipeout
-Hades’ Outer Thigh
-Pillaging Builds Character
-y = mx + ballah
-The Burninator
-Bruise Lee
-Bruise Willis

I imagine a lot of these are born from the banter between gym staff as they tear down the wall and put up new routes, but I’m sure a lot of names come to them at random moments throughout the week, forcing them to scramble for a notepad before the inspiration is lost. Making good titles is an art, and seeing these is always a treat on top of the new climbing puzzles to solve.

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Written by Umbrella Man

September 11, 2013 at 12:14 am

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