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Kitten of the Day #1827

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Kitten of the Day #1827

The fountain of kittens is ever-flowing, and the time has come again to see the new litter growing at the Dactyl household. Black with hints of silver, they came to the house starved and frail, but Barb has expertly raised them into warm and healthy creatures. In time they’ll all go on to find good homes, and the cycle will repeat once again.

At about three weeks old, these kittens are strong and lucid enough to wander around the room, but not quite coordinated enough to do any serious scampering. Their feet splay a little when the walk, and slight imbalances can send them stumbling sideways. In another week or two they’re sure to be chasing each other across the room, and then there will be no stopping them, but this period between slug and wildling is wonderfully awkward.

The light in this room is often diffuse, with only indirect sun streaming through the window, so they may not even know their own shadows yet. The world has a lot of surprises waiting for them.

we could open our eyes

Written by Umbrella Man

September 23, 2013 at 12:08 am

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