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Photo of the Day #1830

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Photo of the Day #1830

The internet is out tonight – one of those minor inconveniences that feels a little like a failing of Civilization, as if the shared collective knowledge of humanity were a load to bear, and sometimes the muscle of humanity’s greatest technological developments just can’t hold it anymore. It’s a reminder that our incredibly expansive infrastructure is just made up of people trying to keep things running, and things slip up sometimes.

I woke about twenty-three hours ago, roused by a dream and a rare onset of heartburn, and I spent several uncomfortable minutes sitting up, my thoughts oozing like molten glass, waiting to fall asleep so the morning could arrive. In front of me were these strips of light leaning against the wall, the few infiltrators who had snuck past the curtain. I decided to take a photo, shutting my eyes tight so the camera screen’s light wouldn’t scare away the last of my sleep.

That was in a null hour, after a post but before the next day, which according to my somewhat arbitrary rules makes it ineligible for today’s photo. Tired again tonight, helpless to coax the modem back to life, I decided to recreate the photo. Is it dishonest? Is it silly to work around rules that I’ve set for myself? Taking the photo again tied in this sleepiness at the day’s end, which gives the whole thing a nice loop.

And now I’m tired, and I’m going to embrace it.

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Written by Umbrella Man

September 26, 2013 at 2:29 am

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