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Doodle of the Day #1833

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Doodle of the Day #1833

I like seeing doodles drawn in idle moments. They’re nonverbal ideas floating in a person’s head, which most of the time dissolve before they escape; watching them flow out of the pen is a tiny glimpse at thoughts otherwise neglected.

Everyone in Kendra’s house as an artist, so new doodles are constantly sprouting in the kitchen. A sheet of butcher paper hangs by the door, covered with drawings of whatever ideas have entered the household consciousness recently; when the paper is full, it’s added to the serial history hanging high on the wall. Kendra’s sketch here (perhaps a self portrait?) is on a sheet of lesson-a-day origami paper, and several sheets in the looseleaf calendar are adorned with doodles from the haus folk.

A house with free-flowing art is a good place to be. It gives a life to the place that you don’t see when everyone keeps their doodles bottled up.

tried to reach deep

Written by Umbrella Man

September 29, 2013 at 3:19 am

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