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Soldier of the Day #1834

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Soldier of the Day #1834

Most street lamps carry out their duties without a thought for their allegiances. Round lampposts bring their light generously and without judgment, like angels come for the benefit of all the world; street lights, with their hunched backs, stare at the road like someone who has woken in the night and, unable to sleep, stares emptily at the sheets while dreams pour out of their eyes.

This lamp, though, stands guard in front of someone’s home, and I’ve never seen one that looks so much like a battle-scarred soldier, fiercely devoted to his king. The fracture in its eye only lets its light shine brighter, I imagine, and the occupants here can be confident that no creatures of the dark will slip underneath their door.

her innocent fingers in fetters

Written by Umbrella Man

September 30, 2013 at 12:19 am

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