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Cliff of the Day #1835

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Cliff of the Day #1835

Visiting San Francisco’s Dogpatch gym is a strange experience after growing familiar with Bridges. Built in an expansive warehouse in a district by the same name, the boulders there are are towering, geometric structures painted in stark colors. With its sharp lines and towering support pillars, the place feels like an industrial playground – quite a contrast from the more organic shapes of Bridges.

Climbing there is a different experience, too, in ways that are hard to describe. It’s not more difficult, exactly, but the routes are arranged in a different dialect, planned according to another line of thought, and climbers are expected to use their bodies in different ways. It’s a cultural contrast, almost, and a little enlightening to see that climbing gyms can be designed with different philosophies.

Most of the walls here have no plateau – reach the top and you can peer over to the framework supporting everything, but there is nowhere to walk; your only options are to climb down or drop, and the latter is likely if the ascent sapped your strength.

It was a good experience and I am properly worn out, but I think I prefer Bridges; going there again may feel like coming home.

In other, somewhat spontaneous news, Pearce and I are renting an apartment, and moving within the week. This year, it seems, will have its own distinct flavor after all.

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October 1, 2013 at 1:14 am

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