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Photo of the Day #1841

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Photo of the Day #1841

I spent quite a while today looking through the debris I’d brought to the new apartment, sorting out the trinkets I couldn’t bear to lose from the bits and pieces I’d kept for far too long. Alina kept me company, staging experiments in photography with an old CD, bubble wrap, a plastic dragon and handmade wooden Harry Potter puppets Emily had brought to our house in Santa Cruz.

I have a tendency to hold on to bits and pieces because they’re all tied to memories. It takes a concerted effort to keep in mind that discarding the souvenir is not abandoning the memory; I should trust myself to remember the important things without cluttering my room.

Among the trinkets buried away were several creatures Emily crafted for me a few years ago, and for the last year they’ve been sleeping in a bed of bubble wrap. A one-horned troll, sitting cross-legged, serene, was kept in a tiny teacup made of waves. I was surprised to find him bathing in a broth of tiny paper scraps Emily had written on, all reading “I love you” in her gentle handwriting. I will keep the troll and his seacup, to be sure, but it doesn’t seem right to keep the paper, and throwing it out feels callous.

It’s so easy to dither about the tiniest things; it’s a wonder I ever make any important decisions at all.

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October 7, 2013 at 12:34 pm

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