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Ponder of the Day #1842

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Ponder of the Day #1842

Sometimes, before making a serious attempt at a climb, we have to cast our ghosts upon the wall, watching their careful placements of hand and foot so we can follow in their wake. Some people mimic the movements as they do this; some make little pawing motions, like squirrels digging in the soil; others become statues as they imagine the climb, like Julie and Kotaro here. It’s the rock climbing analog of moving your lips while you read, and it’s always interesting to see the different ways people think through the problems.

I see these two at Bridges fairly often, and it’s always lovely to climb with them and work out whatever riddles the staff have drilled into the mountains. They’ve taken to calling me Pterry (in reference to my wingspan), and having a nickname with just this particular group makes for a little extra cheer when we greet each other.

There are a lot of brilliant people at Bridges, but I’ve been rather shy with the camera until now. I’d like to change that a little – these are people I want to remember.

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Written by Umbrella Man

October 8, 2013 at 1:38 am

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