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Collaboration of the Day #1845

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Collaboration of the Day #1845

This is the first time I’ve met with people from Bridges outside of the gym, and it was great to see what their home life is like. Julie and Kotaro invited me to their game night, where I introduced them to Once Upon a Time. Everyone took to the game so well; the story hung like a web between us, and we each used the cards to try and tug the plot in our direction without tearing it apart. Our ideas conflict and interact almost chemically, and the result is something independent of everyone’s mind.

I had an element I wanted to introduce to the story, using the cards giant, axe and old woman: our protagonists needed to build a palace and, needing lumber, I had them visit the old woman, who I decided was a lumberjack. This was possible, of course, because in this world lumberjacks were of kindred spirit with the trees, and continuously grew larger with age; this woman could be tall as a redwood, working the forest like a garden.

But per the nature of the game, storyteller status was wrested from my grasp, and she was made out to be a witch instead (and a rather bitter one, who had mastered magical chemistry). So the story flowed on, in and out of dreams, and finally came to an end that no one had really planned for.

Very soon Julie will be leaving on a grand adventure, which means Kotaro will be moving out as well, and so this household may dissolve – and just when I’m getting to know them! Hopefully that won’t be the end of things with this crew; they’re lovely people, and I’d like to see them more.

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October 11, 2013 at 1:30 am

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